Current Issues in Education: Self-Regulation and Motivation: Research, Policy, and Practice (UG)

This elective course, offered to all undergraduates at the UW, examines the science behind self-regulation and motivation from early childhood through emerging adulthood, as well as intervention programs, classroom practices, and public policies. The course also introduces students to evidence-based strategies for improving self-regulation and motivation in their own lives. [Syllabus]

Adolescence and Youth (G)

This graduate-level seminar provides a broad overview of adolescent development, surveying the most recent empirical research and theory building in adolescence and emerging adulthood. Topics examined include modern perspectives on biological, cognitive, and social development, identity development, contextual influences, adolescents with special needs, and risk and resilience. [Syllabus]


Achievement Motivation in Education (G)

This graduate-level seminar introduces students to the latest theorizing and empirical research in achievement motivation, examining topics such as goal theory, expectancy-value theory, and identity-based motivation, as well as the influence of context and culture on the development of achievement motivation from early childhood through adolescence. [Syllabus]


Understanding Early Childhood and Family Studies Research (UG)

This writing-intensive course, the first in a three-course senior capstone sequence in the Early Childhood and Family Studies major at UW, provides a comprehensive introduction to various empirical research methods in the education sciences, culminating in the writing of a systematic literature review in the student's area of interest. [Syllabus]


Introduction to Developmental Psychology (UG)

This course was an introduction to human lifespan development with a particular emphasis on the biological mechanisms of development. I led three discussion sections as a teaching assistant. 

Educational Psychology (UG)

This upper-level elective provided a comprehensive overview of major issues in educational psychology with a focus on contemporary K–12 education in the United States. The course emphasized approaches to teaching, learning, motivation, and assessment grounded in psychological theory and research. I led two discussion sections as a teaching assistant. 

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